Treating Your Pets

POSTED: 10.30.2017

OUTDOORS WRITTEN BY: Tulsa Pets Magazine

The Bridges Barkery

A real treat for you and your pet!


For over half a century Bridges has offered vocational and educational training for adults with developmental disabilities. But our latest employment opportunity has gone to the dogs!

 At the Barkery, Bridges dog biscuit bakery, clients are baking up more than tasty treats for man’s best friend. “Baking Barkery biscuits builds confidence and life skills for our clients,” said Karie Jordan, CEO and president of Bridges.

 The Barkery helps develop skills clients can utilize at home, while giving them the opportunity to earn a wage. “They do everything from start to finish,” Jordan explained. “From identifying ingredients, learning measurements, rolling the dough and cutting out the biscuits, to packaging and meeting customers.”

 Jordan points to Barkery’s Master Baker, Chelsea as an example. “When Ms. Chelsea began attending our training program at Bridges two years ago, she was shy and lacked confidence,” Jordan recalled.

 “When Chelsea graduated from the training program, she was offered a position in the Barkery baking treats. Over the last year, Chelsea has grown to be an independent, confident young lady and is now the Barkery’s Master Baker.”

 Each day, Chelsea and the other Barkery bakers are hard at work baking dozens of treats – all under the watchful eye of Miss B, Jordan’s English Bulldog and the Barkery’s mascot.

 “She likes to walk the halls and make sure she is kept in the loop on all things happening,” Jordan explained.

 Miss B is also the official taste tester for the Barkery and has so far settled on four yummy, all-natural flavors of biscuits: beef, chicken, cheese and peanut butter.

 “The Barkery is important for everyone involved,” Karie says. “It helps clients like Chelsea learn at their own speed, gives pet owners an opportunity to learn about the Bridges Foundation, and finally, your favorite four-legged friends get a tasty, healthy treat baked without preservatives – and with lots of love.”

 You can order Barkery Biscuits by phone or online, but Jordan encourages customers to visit the Barkery in person.

 “If you come by, then you get an opportunity to see and meet some of the individuals who are actually working here and see what great passion they have for what they do,” she says.